The Pokemon Hoarder (watch now!)

2013-01-13 17:06:09 by Mosamabindrawin

The Pokemon Hoarder is up now for watching and whatever else you wanna do with it

TIME FOR SOME POKEMON HOARDER TRIVIA BITCH. They include spoilers so if you haven't watched it yet go watch it.
- The human caterpie was originally going to be of Tracey, Misty, and Brock but when I drew Tracey it looked too much like Egoraptor so I decided against it.
- The human caterpie was THEN going to include a Nicki Minaj jynx, but because Nicki Minaj looks so fucking much like Jynx you couldn't really tell the difference and the joke fell flat so I replaced her with a pinsir.
- I never told the voice actor Sparky-J that he was voice acting a black child in a jigglypuff costume. It was a surprise.
- The message that displays in the beginning of the video is the same exact message that is displayed on a real reality tv hoarding show that inspired the animation. The sound used during this scene was taken directly from the same scene in the show.
- In the opening lab scene when the camera zooms out you can see a ditto in a test tube on the back counter, alluding to the ditto Professor Oak created in Pokeslaughter a webcomic I made a few years ago.
- In the last scene if you look closely you could see the little boy in the jigglypuff costume laying inside the freezer dead. This was inspired by a real episode of Hoarders I watched on tv in which a woman kept a bunch of dead animals in her freezer.


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